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Since many iBUGgers are also Trekkies or Trekkie wanna-be's, we have created a discussion group to watch audio described episodes of Star Trek, the Original  Series (TOS) and then meet together via conference call to discuss the episodes.  We review the episodes on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, 8:00 PM (CT).  The iBUG Trekkie Talk discussion group is facilitated by Shane Christennson.  Everyone (even if they are not a member of iBUG) is welcome to participate.

The audio described episodes of Star Trek TOS are available as MP3 files that may be streamed directly to your iDevice by accessing the links below.  The video espisodes (non-audio described) of Star Trek TOS are avail from several sources including Netflix, Amazon Prime movies, Hulu+, and CBS All Access.  The Trekkie Talk group discussion recordings are provided at the end of each episode listing.

To connect to the Trekkie Talk conference call, we recommend using the FCC Dialer app (search for Free Conference Call in the App Store) on your iDevice to connect to the conference call using your Wi-Fi internet connection.  Otherwise, you may use the dial-in number listed below.  Note that this is not a Toll-Freee call, so it is best to use your cell phone or VOIP line to avoid long distance charges.

Conference Dial-in Number:  (605) 468-8002

Participant Access Code:  154497# (i.e., enter # sign after entering access code)


The Trekkie Talk schedule for the next couple of months is as follows (8:00 PM CT):  (Each entry includes Trekkie Talk date, link to audio described MP3 file episode, season#, episode#, air date, and short synopsis) 


November 2, 2017:  The Enterprise Incident  S3, Ep2 (Sep 27, 1968)  An apparently insane Capt. Kirk has the Enterprise deliberately enter the Romulan Neutral Zone where the ship is immediately captured by the enemy.


November 16, 2017:  The Paradise Syndrome  S3, Ep3 (Oct 4, 1968)  Trapped on a planet whose inhabitants are descended from Northwestern American Indians, Kirk loses his memory and is proclaimed a God while the crippled Enterprise races back to the planet before it is destroyed by an asteroid.

Trekkie Talk #64

December 7, 2017:  And the Children Shall Lead  S3, Ep4 (Oct 11, 1968)  The Enterprise reaches a Federation colony where the adults have all killed themselves but the children play without care.

Trekkie Talk #65

December 21, 2017:  Is There in Truth No Beauty?  S3, Ep5 (Oct 18, 1968)  Lovely telepath Miranda is aide to Ambassador Kollos, in a box to stop insanity when humans see Medusans. She rejects Larry, a designer of Enterprise, and senses murderous intent nearby.

Trekkie Talk #66


Past Trekkie Talks

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