iBUG Road Show – The Amazing iPhone


More and more of the blind and visually impaired community are finding the iOS devices to be useful assistive technology tools in their daily lives. Whether at home, at work or school, or on the go – the accessibility features of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have cleared new pathways for the visually impaired to be more productive, consume online content and have just plain fun right alongside the sighted community.

The iBUG Road Show is a 90-minute presentation given by several advanced iBUG members and will provide your group an introduction to the iPhone and its accessibility capabilities.


Part 1:  Description and Key Features

A general overview of the iPhone, including its purpose, physical description, and accessibility features for low vision and the VoiceOver screen reader.  Key features of the iPhone will also be discussed such as the layout of the home page, finger gestures for navigation and execution, and personalized settings.


Part 2:  Built-in Apps

The real power of the iPhone is in its applications or apps.  The iPhone comes preloaded with many built-in apps, including Safari web browser, Email, Messages (texting), Contacts, Calendar, Music (iPod player), iTunes, iBooks, YouTube, Reminders, Camera, FaceTime, Weather, and the remarkable Siri Personal Assistant.  Oh yeah, and it’s also a pretty cool phone.


Part 3:  Third-Party Apps

There are over 900,000 apps (many are accessible) available for downloading through the iOS App Store (free and paid).  There are apps specifically designed for the visually impaired, apps for navigation, listening to music and podcasts, reading books, entertainment, and games.  And when you absolutely must, there are even apps to help you be more productive.


To schedule the iBUG Road Show presentation for your group or staff (currently limited to the Houston area), or for additional info, please submit a request using the form on the Contact Us page.