Conference Call Podcasts

For those that could not join in the live calls or just want to review the calls, Conference Call Podcasts provides the iBUG Buzz, Monthly Face-to-Face Meeting and iBUG Cafe recordings via MP3 podcast format.

The latest recorded conference calls are listed below along with the approximate running time and topics discussed during the call. 


iBUG Buzz #341 – July 16, 2018  (123 minutes)

Facilitators:  Michaeel and Sandhya

Topics:  AppleWatch body oil charging issue, AppleMusic playlist downloads also in library, Anthem Anywhere Insurance app not accessible, Amazon Prime Day sales, Amazon Fire TV devices, Alternate Cable TV options, Siri reply to message issue, Two-finger double tap multi-functions, Lightning connector splitters, iOS 12 beta testing, Closing tabs in Safari, Privacy tab button in Safari, World Emoji Day, More Fire TV, Lazario navigation app, KNFB Reader update, BARD Mobile update, Macbook Pro iFixit summary, Facebook background color text. 


iBUG/Apple Workshop #84 – June 23, 2018 (108 minutes)  

Facilitators:  Michael and Sandhya

Topics: Introductions – Name one thing you would take to the beach with you?  iBUG announcements; Apple and iPhone news/rumors; Apple Creatives:  Highlights of WWDC 2018 Keynote; Third-part app demos:  Audio Game Hub – Samarai tournament, Blackjack, Simple Simon, etc. (Mauricio. 


iBUG Cafe #39 – June 10, 2018 (119 minutes)

Facilitator:  David

Topics:  Travel booking and planning apps:  Southwest Airlines (David), Travelocity (David) , Air B&B (Sandhya), Google Trips (Michael), Google Translate (Sandhya), Hopper (David).


Past Conference Calls

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