Conference Call Podcasts

For those that could not join in the live calls or just want to review the calls, Conference Call Podcasts provides the iBUG Buzz, Monthly Face-to-Face Meeting and iBUG Cafe recordings via MP3 podcast format.

The latest recorded conference calls are listed below along with the approximate running time and topics discussed during the call. 


iBUG Buzz #315 – January 15, 2018  (118 minutes)

Facilitators:  Sandhya and David

Topics:  iPhone battery replacement on iPhone 6 and above, Charging AirPods from Computer USB, Buzzing sound from iPhone, Universal clipboard - sharing info between Apple devices, Hand off, Restoring iPhone from iCloud and Keychain, Retrieving passwords in Settings, Transferring Wi-Fi network passwords, iOS 11.2.2 security update, Copy/paste using 3-finger quadruple tap, Audible app demo (Sandhya). 


iBUG Face-to-Face / Apple Workshop #78 – December 16, 2017 (112 minutes)  

Facilitators:  Michael and Sandhya

Topics:  Introductions – Name one Apple or other tech gadget on your Christmas wish list.  iBUG announcements; Apple and iPhone news/rumors;  Third-party App Demos:  Seeing AI upgrades (Wes), Messages additional apps (Sandhya), Open Q&A. 


iBUG Cafe #34 – January 14, 2018 (116 minutes)

Facilitator:  Michael

Topics:  Books reading/listening apps:  Kindle (Michael), BARD Mobile (Herbie).


Past Conference Calls

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