Conference Call Podcasts

For those that could not join in the live calls or just want to review the calls, Conference Call Podcasts provides the iBUG Buzz, Monthly Face-to-Face Meeting and iBUG Cafe recordings via MP3 podcast format.

The latest recorded conference calls are listed below along with the approximate running time and topics discussed during the call. 


iBUG Buzz #399 – September 16, 2019  (120 minutes)

Facilitators:  Sandhya and David

Topics:  N/A

iBUG Cafe #52 – August 11, 2019  (114 minutes)

Facilitators:  Michael

Topics:  iOS Mail app (Keith, Michael); Gmail app (David)

iBUG/Apple Workshop #96 – August 24, 2019  (123 minutes)

Facilitators:  Sandhya

Topics: Introductions – Where would you like to go (anywhere in the world)?  iBUG announcements; Apple and iPhone news/rumors; Built-in app demo: Calendar (Sandhya) Third-party app demos:  Voice Changer (Saylor) and Envision AI (David)

Past Conference Calls

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