About Us

The mission of the iBlind Users Group, or more affectionately known as iBUG, is to promote the individual independence, social integration and educational development of the blind and visually impaired community across the country through accessible technology.


iBUG Board Members and Officers


What We Do

iBUG conducts world-wide virtual (via conference call) and face-to-face user group meetings, provides podcasts of the recorded conference calls, publishes the monthly "iBUG Bytes" newsletter, and presents the iBUG Road Show to groups interested in learning more about the iPhone and its accessibility features.  


How We Got Started

iBUG was founded in May 2011 by Michael McCulloch after conducting an iPhone Workshop at the Houston Area Visually Impaired Network (HAVIN) sponsored Insight Expo held March 5, 2011 at the University Eye Institute on the University of Houston campus.  During the workshop, attendees expressed an interest in forming a users group to continue developing their iOS accessibility skills and iDevice proficiency. (Photos courtesy of UH College of Optometry)

Insight Expo 2011                                                 

Our Logo

The iBUG logo is the word "ibug" in lower case font style with the top half of the "g" consisting of a smiling lady bug wearing dark glasses. Underneath is "ibug" written in Braille.  Underneath that is the name iBlind Users Group.


iBUG Testimonials at Apple Store Highland Village - August 25, 2012